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About Us


Marlene Katz,

Designer and Managing Director of MKD Design,

is a dynamic Australian with a love of humanity,

who inspires the message of love and hope out to the world. 


From her background over many years in luxury jewellery retail,

Marlene’s philosophy has always been about YOU

- the customer and the wearer.


Pearls have resonated for Marlene

ever since her sixteenth birthday when she received her first strand

of Pearls from her parents.


The organic nature of Pearls, their luminosity, and their warmth against the skin evokes a soft femininity and timeless beauty.


As Marlene describes:


“WHITE PEARLS illuminate our faces gently, like the moonlight shining softly from beneath our faces.”


“BLACK PEARLS are reminiscent of the Moonlight shimmering over the ocean at night, with the interplay of peacock colours reflecting the iridescent tones of greens,

blues, violets.”


Marlene created MKD Design in 1997.  She designs with every woman in mind, to create happiness, ease, balance and versatility in our lives.



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